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The difference between an online catalogue and e-commerce is simple: an online catalogue allows your customers to browse and gain information about your products while an e-commerce website allows your customers to purchase your products online. Today consumers are comfortable buying anything from furniture, clothes to dishwashers online. Featuring e-commerce on your company’s website allows you to service a wider audience of consumers.

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The modern consumer has an increasing desire to browse and shop for products online. Featuring e-commerce or a catalogue on your company’s website not only allows customers to get a sense of what you have to offer, it also opens up your business to a broader geographic region of customers. Allowing customers to remotely view and even purchase your products means your customers can be anywhere on the globe.

There are a number of key considerations to take into account when developing an online shop or catalogue. You want the products featured in your online shop or catalogue to look appealing to the customer. You also want the customer to be able to browse your products effortlessly. Finally, if you are going to feature e-commerce on your website, you want to offer a simple and secure payment and shipping method. Gilmedia carefully considers all these elements when developing the e-commerce or catalogue portion of your company’s website.

All The Features For Success

Our team will create your beautiful online store with easy navigation that will help you land more sales by offering your customers a unique shopping experience.

Sell Your Way

Different consumers like to browse online shops in different ways. Some may wish to divide products by brands and others by product category. Some price sensitive consumers might like to only view products below a certain price point, while consumers who value the height of luxury may wish to see the most expensive products you have to offer.

Gilmedia develops e-commerce and catalogue websites that allow your customers to shop their way. By creating different filters and methods of sorting your merchandise, your customers have the opportunity to browse your products however they want, leading them to precisely what they were looking for.

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B2B & B2C E-Commerce

Whether it’s for B2B or B2C customers, our e-commerce websites provide you with full independence and flexibility. Through in-depth research on the best e-commerce practices and a thorough competitive analysis, our skilled e-commerce website design team is here to provide your business with all the necessary tools to sell online and sell more.

Gilmedia builds you scalable e-commerce websites that can grow alongside your business. We work closely with all our clients to understand their business and their competitors, and we approach ecommerce and mobile website design with a full understanding of each client’s specific industry.

Websites That
Sell More

A pretty website is good, an easy-to-use pretty website is better. Gilmedia is your trusted website design company that gives you both. With our feature-packed e-commerce software, we provide you with everything you need to run a successful online store. That includes sales, product management, promotions and more.

Gilmedia’s e-commerce websites are designed to bring you results, and every one of our websites are developed and designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind, so you can get more visitors and land more sales. Plus, our online marketing team can help you with conversion rate optimization and reduce cart abandonment.

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Safety First

Some consumers are wary of shopping online because they fear it is dangerous to disclose sensitive information such as their address and credit card number. When Gilmedia develops your e-commerce website, we carefully consider the safety of your customers’ private information.

Using universally trusted payment systems and encrypting your customers’ information ensures your customers do not need to hesitate to purchase products from your website. More and more consumers are gravitating towards browsing and shopping online. Capitalize on this growth by trusting Gilmedia to develop e-commerce or catalogue for your company’s website.

Let Them Shop!

E-commerce and catalogue websites are standard in the retail industry – customers like to shop online, or at least see what they are going to buy before going out to purchase it. Learn more about how an e-commerce or catalogue site can propel your business forward – contact Gilmedia today.

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What Are Clients Saying About Gilmedia

Alex Lubetsky
Alex Lubetsky
Definately a happy customer here! Have with working with gilmedia for the past 10 plus year. And honestly they have my full trust. They are experts in website designs and a very experienced SEO company. Looking forward to many years ahead.
Amanda Hill
Amanda Hill
I can't say enough good things about this business. The owners are incredibly kind and amazing people who treat their employees and clients very well. They strive to help their employees succeed in the field and deliver amazing results to each and every client. They take pride in the work they do and always ensure what they do is of top quality. Amazing team of people, you will not regret choosing to work with Gilmedia!
Management is always working hard to keep their clients ahead of the crowd- innovative, flexible, and efficient!
Or Segev
Or Segev
Gilmedia made multiple beautiful websites for me. They are professional, great to work with, and finished everything in a timely way. Not to mention, their marketing efforts took my business to the next level. Would highly recommend to any of my friends and family.
Amani Latif
Amani Latif
A great place to work at with amazing coworkers and a highly supportive environment! Leon and Sasha helped me launch my career in marketing and SEO. Their investment in me has single handedly set me up for success as a marketing specialist. I look forward to growing with Gilmedia!
Ksenia K
Ksenia K
We’ve been working with the company for a quiet long time, and it's our #1 marketing company. The staff is very professional and helpful. Best and quick services.
The beauty Lounge
The beauty Lounge
Gilmedia built us a beautiful website, that will stand the test of time. They were very patient with us, and brought our vision to reality. Leon and the team were very communicative with us, always wanted to make sure we were happy during the website building process. Thank you again.