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We all have seen the ads that appear on Google above and beside regular search results, but how do they get there? Companies pay Google on what is described as a “pay per click” basis to appear in this extremely visible position when certain words are searched on Google. They pay Google a predetermined amount every time someone clicks on their link.

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How Does It Work?

When people search for products or services like yours, Google shows them your ads. Your ads can appear on Google Search and Maps, and across the network of Google partner sites. If someone clicks on your ad and calls your business, visits your site, or gets directions to your location, you’ll only pay for those engagements.

But how can I appear on top? Good question! At Gilmedia we know how to help your business grow through properly executed Google Ad campaigns through strategic planning and smart budget management. Using the latest advertising strategies, constant optimization and efficient budgeting, our PPC team makes sure that your paid ads campaign gets the most engagement for your ad budget.

Google ad campaigns take the guessing game out of what works and what doesn’t. We have full control and are able monitor which optimizations and goals are achieving the highest ROI for your business. With our comprehensive progress reports and tracking protocols, we have insight on each of your KPIs for efficient keyword targeting.

Our Campaign Management – Your Success

Target the right customers, reduce your cost per click and get more revenue. Gilmedia watches over your campaigns like a hawk to make sure you’re getting the best results. Here’s how we do it:

The Recipe
For Success

Gilmedia ensures you are getting the greatest amount of relevant traffic with your pay per click advertising budget. Our goal is to help our clients get a remarkable return on investment and stay ahead of competition. The campaigns we build consist of multiple ads, each one crafted to appeal to your target audience.

We work with you to determine an appropriate pay per click budget and then we carefully maximize the number of clicks you receive by optimizing your website and choosing the best possible keywords to target. The key to running successful PPC campaigns is knowing how to make them profitable by showing ads to users who are ready to convert, and to optimize ads for conversions instead of clicks.


The Secret Ingredient

Any business owner knows that the first step to increase sales is to get customers through the door. In the online world, this means driving customers to your company’s website. It must always provide the right answers to users’ queries. Think about it this way: your ads are the shiny packaging, and your website is the product.

If you have great ads, but a slow, complicated website with content that doesn’t offer the right answers, that’s a good way to lose potential customers. Gilmedia designs relevant websites and landing pages geared towards the interests of your target audience, so you can get the most out of your investment.

Delivering Results, Not Excuses

The best way for us to expand our client base and retain clients is to create success for your business. From our first chat (the first of the many, many sessions that we’ll have) to the moment we launch your campaigns and throughout ongoing PPC management, we provide you with full support that includes constant communication and crystal clear reporting.

We monitor everything (nothing creepy don’t worry), and we’re always on top of the results you get (calls, leads, conversions). Through our carefully outlined processes, we weed out the search terms and keywords that don’t perform, help you reduce overall costs and improve your quality score in line with Google’s ever-changing standards for advertisers.


The Bottom Line

With the right support in your PPC advertisement, your web presence can go from zero to first page dominance in no time. Gilmedia partners with the right people to make sure you are getting exposure, traffic and conversions.

We’re certified in Google Search ads, Mobile Adwords, Google Shopping and Video ads. We’re also a certified Google Premiere Partner and one of the 30 companies in all of Canada with Google’s representatives supporting our team. We don’t do fairy tales, only real-life success stories. Let’s add yours to the list!


Do you ever feel like you’re being followed around the web by an ad? You searched “hardware store” on Google, now every site you visit seems to have an advertisement for them? That’s remarketing, and we can help get you started with it.

Let’s think of your website as an actual place for a moment. Out of all the customers that visited your store, there were quite a few that were “just browsing” and said that they’d come back later. Wouldn’t it be great to somehow send them a reminder? Well that’s what remarketing does, and Gilmedia is an expert in targeting previous website visitors and placing your brand right in front of them.

As it turns out, the majority of web users don’t convert on the very first visit, and Gilmedia knows how to track them down with relevant ads to give you an edge over your competitors and ultimately turn first-time visitors into later conversions.

Managing Clicks

Pay per click advertising on Google can be an incredibly useful tool for driving traffic to your company website. Gilmedia applies its experience in search engine optimization and Google Ads management to ensure that you are getting the most out of your pay per click placements. Market research, years of experience, and responsible spending keep our clients on top!

Let Gilmedia help you make the most of your advertising budget, while getting the word out about your company in the most effective way possible. Our talented team of professionals are well versed in creating targeted, efficient campaigns.
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What Are Clients Saying About Gilmedia

Patrick Lawrence
Patrick Lawrence
Top marketing agency in the GTA in my opinion. Result oriented, responsive, pleasant to deal with. The guys take ownership of everything their doing and the results are outstanding - we're getting x10 the leads now and our business has been growing exponentially since we started with Gilmedia. Thank you guys.
Access Machinery
Access Machinery
We are thrilled to share our experience with Gilmedia and their incredibly talented team, led by Sasha and Leon, who took our website project to new heights. Our company required a website with custom features tailored to our equipment section. The results are nothing short of exceptional. From the outset, Gilmedia demonstrated a remarkable understanding of our needs. They designed a website that not only looks fantastic, but also catered perfectly to our clientele. This user-friendly interface has streamlined our business operations and enhanced our customers' experience. Throughout the project, Gilmedia's team exhibited the utmost professionalism, patience, and unwavering support. Their dedication to our vision was evident in every step of the process. They listened to our feedback, provided valuable insights, and ensured that the final product not only met but exceeded our expectations. We are beyond pleased with the results, and we can confidently say that Gilmedia's work has had a positive impact on our business. If you are looking for a web development partner who truly understands your needs and delivers excellence, Gilmedia is the perfect choice. We are grateful for their outstanding work, and we look forward to future collaborations. Thank you, Gilmedia, for turning our vision into reality!
Icon Studio Space
Icon Studio Space
I couldn't be more thrilled with the outstanding work that GilMedia did for my photography studio's website, Icon Studio Space. From the very beginning, they displayed a deep understanding of our vision and translated it into a stunning online presence. The website they crafted is not just visually captivating, but it's also user-friendly and perfectly encapsulates the essence of our studio. What truly sets GilMedia apart is their exceptional attention to detail and dedication to delivering excellence. They went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of our website was flawless. The result speaks for itself – our online platform is now a true reflection of our studio's creativity and professionalism. Thank you so much!!! Also I would like to say a big thank you for Naomi, Leon and Sasha who was available for me any time for all my questions!!! Thank you again! ♥️
Dor Cohen
Dor Cohen
I couldn't be happier with the eCommerce website Gilmedia created for my business. Their custom design perfectly captures my brand's essence, and the website's functionality is top-notch, with seamless navigation and a secure payment gateway. What truly sets Gilmedia apart is their exceptional support and dedication to client satisfaction. From initial contact to post-launch support, they've been responsive, professional, and proactive in addressing any needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Gilmedia to anyone in search of a web development partner who can deliver both stunning design and flawless functionality.
Lior Estrah
Lior Estrah
Nothing but good things to say about Gilmedia! They have helped us tremendously and we will continue to keep working with them for our business. The team is super knowledgeable and always working their hardest to benefit our company.
Zackary Plax
Zackary Plax
Gilmedia did an excellent website design for me last month! As soon as I gave them an idea of what I was looking for, the team completed everything I needed in a matter of a few short weeks. Since then, their online marketing has also helped boost my business and attract many new clients. Excited to continue working with them, and would recommend to anyone looking for an amazing website and top of the line marketing!
Andrew Goldstein
Andrew Goldstein
I had a great experience. The team is hard working, honest, responsible, and capable. Thanks again for your support with my project.
Art P
Art P
Leon, Alex and the team at Gilmedia are great to work with. I've known them for a few years and referred several other businesses to use their services. Keep up the great work!
Sergey Ilkanaev
Sergey Ilkanaev
Very professional services. Highly recommend. Thanks you Leon and Alex.

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