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At Gilmedia, we ensure that any email your customers receive from you is one they want to open. We pay extra attention to the content, tone and layout of each email to ensure engagement. Ineffective attempts at marketing and self-promotion are sure to get sorted as spam, but this doesn’t have to be the case for your business. Let us get you started with precise, direct and responsive email marketing.

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Despite the fact that email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing it is still a remarkably successful marketing tool. Email marketing is an effective method of getting information out to customers, enticing customers to visit your company website and making your customers feel valued and important. When done effectively, email marketing can directly lead to improvements in sales. However when it is done incorrectly, email marketing can irritate your customers and have a negative effect on your business.

The marketing specialists at Gilmedia ensure your company conducts its email marketing the right way. By carefully considering the frequency, content and tone of your company’s emails, Gilmedia creates an email marketing campaign that generates the positive results your company desires.

Email Marketing Strategists

Gilmedia’s email marketing services help your business attract more customers and land more conversions by focusing on data that helps us develop a thorough marketing plan.

A Customized

When it comes to email marketing, Gilmedia believes in building customer profiles in order to help you achieve better results. We do this by analysing the behaviour and intent of your audience and we take our time to gain insights on offline and online behaviours of users in order to deliver the best suggestions, trends and content.

All of this information is acquired by looking into browsing data, showing content that the customer might be interested in, or by looking at purchase history. It is these efforts that help you get to know your customers better and add them to the right lists so that no email is wasted.

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An Inbox
Full Of Goodies

The trick to running successful email campaigns lies in creating targeted emails that are versatile and relevant. Gilmedia knows how to peel off the unnecessary from your email content and design to ensure your customers are left with the right message.

Through conversion rate optimization, we help you maximize your ROI by increasing the number of visits that ultimately turn into customers. With Gilmedia’s email marketing services, you can be sure that you are always delivering the right message to the right people.

Innovative Campaigns

At Gilmedia, we work with you to develop a goal for your marketing campaign and then we tailor that campaign specifically to meet that goal.

Maybe your goal is to increase business or perhaps it is to increase traffic to your website. Gilmedia achieves these goals by developing innovative, unique email campaigns.

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Impressive Results

As with other marketing initiatives, the success of Gilmedia email marketing campaigns are measured through results. We continuously develop email marketing campaigns that surpass the expectations of our clients and their consumers. Gilmedia develops the type of email marketing campaigns that ultimately translate to more business for your company.

Email Effectively

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Effective email marketing can mean increased sales and a heightened awareness of your brand. Just like any other form of marketing, there is a fine line between effective communication and blatant aggravation of potential customers. Let Gilmedia show you the benefits of well planned email marketing. Contact us today.

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