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Modern Sense Furniture

Hybrid E-commerce Catalogue Website

Modern Sense Furniture store is home to an impressive selection of luxury and modern furniture in Toronto. With a vast catalogue of over 3000 items, the project brief was to build an e-commerce and catalogue style website that will deliver seamless user-experience while looking stylish and aesthetic just like their products!

Project Highlights:

modern sense furniture futniture store web design

Get To Know
Modern Sense Furniture

For the past 20 years, Modern Sense Furniture has been synonymous with high quality and luxury. Their vast collection of furniture is inspired by both Italian and European elegance. Located in Toronto near Wilson Avenue, their beautifully decorated 85,000 square-foot showroom is the largest furniture emporium in the GTA. 

Many of their products are customizable and unique, which is exactly what they needed their website to be as well! With the help of Gilmedia’s web development experts, we built Modern Sense Furniture a website that can cater to their need of hosting vast product catalogues while delivering an easy and user-friendly e-commerce experience across all platforms.

Content Management System 

Content Management System also known as CMS is an integral application that helps users manage, edit and create content for their website without needing any specialized knowledge or training. In other words, you do not need to be fluent in coding or website development to be able to manage a CMS.

For Modern Sense Furniture, we implemented a CMS through WordPress. WordPress focuses on user experience across all platforms, allows for easy and efficient SEO optimization so Google can scan your website properly and offers optimal page speed which is crucial when hosting large product inventories and catalogues. WordPress also allows for efficient workflow delegation where you can assign permissions on how you want your content to be managed based on roles such as authors, editors and admins.

Advanced E-Commerce Platform

Powered by WordPress, WooCommerce provides an excellent ecommerce solution that can be customized according to your business needs. It is a simple, powerful, customizable and secure digital shopping solution.

Key Benefits of WooCommerce:

  • Great scalability and customization
  • Full product search
  • Fast & user-friendly navigation
  • Easy-to-use inventory management
  • Product sorting according to preference
  • Convenient checkout process
  • SEO efficient
  • Highly secured
web development technologies
Platform WooCommerce
Website Type E-Commerce
Number of Products 3000+
Development Time 8 Weeks
Project Team 6 Members
Website Style Hybrid
Design Custom
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