Web Design for Toronto Flooring Store

Flooring Liquidators

Hybrid Ecommerce-Catalogue Style Website

The luxury flooring products available at Flooring Liquidators will give any home or business a refined look and feel. Building 14 showrooms over 20 years, Flooring Liquidators have worked with a diverse group of clients, including homeowners, builders, contractors, TV channels, and of course, Gilmedia.

Flooring Liquidators needed a strong website that could support thousands of products, SEO optimizations for 14 locations and unique regions, as well as a collection of flooring-related services. Gilmedia worked with them to bring their vision to life, and created a powerhouse website with several different support systems

Project Highlights:

  • Hybrid Website
  • Compatibility Across All Devices
  • Custom Content Management System & API
  • Effortless Browsing & Product Reservation
  • Product Attribute System (Colours, Types, Brands)
  • WooCommerce With POS Integration
  • Active Inventory Management
  • SEO Optimized Landing Pages
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flooring liquidators web design

Get To Know
Flooring Liquidators

As one of the largest flooring providers in Ontario, Flooring Liquidators offers the latest hardwood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, and tile flooring products available. Supporting communities across the province, Flooring Liquidators is undeniably a leader in its industry.

Canadian-owned and operated, Flooring Liquidators works hard to develop strong relationships with the best flooring manufacturers in the industry. They do so to provide customers with a massive selection of great flooring at affordable rates.

E-Commerce Tools To Optimize Content

A hybrid ecommerce website developed with WordPress was developed by Gilmedia’s experts that is fully SEO optimized. Thanks to seamless integration between WooCommerce and other powerful e-commerce tools and plugins, Flooring Liquidators’ product data can be synced automatically on a scheduled basis, ensuring they always have the latest products on their site.
The WordPress platform also allows for efficient workflow delegation where you can assign permissions on how you want your content to be managed based on roles such as authors, editors and admins. This creates flexibility for Flooring Liquidators and let’s them have complete control over what on their site is being manipulated, uploaded and updated. Thousands of products are available on the site, all easily customizable by the Flooring Liquidators team through a series of client portals set up on the site by Gilmedia.
To improve client engagement and provide personalized service, such as special pricing for approved contractors, we have also developed custom tools such as installation and pricing calculators, based on the job’s material choice and square footage.

WordPress and Custom Application Programming Interface

For online advertising purposes we have created numerous SEO optimized product and brand pages that correspond with the categories that clients will be viewing and engaging with on the website, all through the power of WordPress.

WooCommerce is an excellent ecommerce solution built on WordPress and can be customized to meet your business requirements. This is a simple, powerful, customizable, and secure solution for online shopping.

Highlights of WooCommerce Integration:

  • Great scalability and customization
  • Fast & user-friendly navigation
  • Easy-to-use inventory management
  • Product Categories According to Style
  • Insightful Customer Profiles
  • Data & Sales Reporting
  • Robust Online Security
  • Sales Billing & Invoicing
flooring liquidators full web design
Platform WooCommerce
Website Type E-Commerce
Number of Products 1,000+
Development Time 8 Weeks
Project Team 8 Members
Website Style Modern
Design Custom

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