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IMT Modular Partitions

Informational Style Website

IMT Modular Partitions are specialists in designing and creating custom. movable walls for any office or industrial area or space. Add value, privacy and additional space with IMT Modular Partitions.

Project Highlights:

  • Fully Custom Design Aesthetic
  • UX-Oriented Content Management System
  • Accessible and Responsive Browsing
  • Full SEO Optimization
  • Multi-Platform Design Across All Devices
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Get To Know
IMT Modular Walls

IMT Modular Walls is trusted by numerous organizations, institutions and businesses across Ontario and Canada to provide them with fully modular walls that can be customized to suit any need, purpose or application.

Whatever look, feel or function you are desiring, IMT Modular Solutions has the right expertise and products to accomodate you, your office and your way of life.

Professional Client Asset Management

Using our website development team’s creativity and passion, along with our in-house SEO strategists’ expertise, we built a WordPress website that focuses on user experience and convenience.

As well as ensuring the products are displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner that enables clients to narrow down the products they desire, Gilmedia ensured that the site was aesthetically informative to assist visitors in making a quick and insightful purchasing decision. We also ensured the site was SEO-friendly as well to be adaptable and receptive across all devices.

The Power and Freedom of WordPress

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is an integrated system that allows Gilmedia to make sure every nook and cranny of your digital website is managed and optimized to maximize it’s effectiveness.

  • Allows for efficient workflow delegation
  • Intuitive
  • UX-Friendly
  • Customizable
  • SEO-friendly
  • Optimized for Google Ranking
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website design for imt modular partitions
Platform WordPress
Website Type Informational
Number of Pages 100 +
Development Time 8 Weeks
Project Team 6 Members
Website Style Modern
Design Custom
web development for imt modular partitions

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For our clients, we know how to generate leads as web designers, developers, and consultants.

Scalability, reliability, security, and conversion are all factors we consider when developing a website.

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