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Toronto Water Bikes is a premier water sports rental service that offers a thrilling experience of water biking on Lake Ontario. They provide unforgettable adventures, delivering memorable experiences and exploring the stunning views of Toronto while cycling on the water. After an initial discussion, both Gilmedia and Toronto Water Bikes decided to create a user-friendly platform that beautifully showcases the attraction and allows customers to navigate easily and book.

Project Highlights:

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Get To Know
Toronto Bikes

Toronto Water Bikes is the first and only water bike rental service in Toronto, offering stunning views of the city from Lake Ontario. Situated along the picturesque shores of Lake Ontario, riders can immerse themselves in the exhilarating sensation of water biking while experiencing views of the city like never before.

With a commitment to providing unique city experiences, Toronto Water Bikes has become a go-to destination for those seeking something a little different. Renowned for their dedication to providing an exceptional level of service, their mission is to empower visitors to discover an entirely new perspective of Toronto’s skyline.

Designed with a Focus on Visuals

At Gilmedia, we had the privilege of working with Toronto Water Bikes to develop their online presence and create an engaging platform for their unique water biking experience. We designed a visually stunning website with the objective of showcasing their services and captivating potential customers

Our focus was to provide visitors with comprehensive information about Toronto Water Bikes’ services while leveraging visually appealing elements that adhere to industry-leading SEO practices. Through careful planning, we crafted a modern and enticing website with a lead generation approach, ensuring that prospective clients are inspired and informed.

To enhance user experience, we implemented and optimized a user-friendly menu system that organizes Toronto Water Bikes’ services, making it effortless for visitors to navigate and access relevant landing pages. By integrating seamless functionality with captivating visuals, we aimed to create an immersive online experience that resonates with the adventurous spirit of water biking.

Bespoke Content Management Systems

Toronto Water Bikes’ integration of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) brings a new level of control and convenience to their digital platform. With this powerful system in place, they now have the ability to manage and customize their website and digital media content effortlessly.

This CMS is highly customizable and provides the following features:

  • Multi-platform SEO optimization
  • User-friendly UX design
  • Accessibility across all modern devices

With this integration, Toronto Water Bikes has the advantage of a customizable and intuitive system that empowers them to effectively manage their digital assets, maximize their online reach, and deliver a seamless user experience across various devices.

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Platform WordPress
Website Type Lead Generation
Number of Pages 10+
Development Time 3 Weeks
Project Team 4 Members
Website Style Modern
Design Custom
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