Web Development for Toronto Credit Card Tool

Wallet Savvy

Informational Style Website

When Wallet Savvy needed a custom website solution to support their all-new credit card comparison tool, they came to Gilmedia for top-rated design and development services. With unique ideas and a state-of-the-art approach, Gilmedia was able to quickly create a site and tools that were presented and endorsed by multinational banks across the province.

Project Highlights:

  • Custom HTML & CSS
  • User-friendly Design
  • Custom PHP Systems
  • Responsive Mobile Support
  • Extensive Database of over 150 Credit Cards
  • Affiliate Link Support
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wallet savvy website development

Get To Know
Wallet Savvy

Wallet Savvy is a consumer-oriented web platform dedicated to providing potential credit card users all the information they need on banks, cards, and policies before they sign any paperwork. With a unique credit card database, they help families, students, and businesses find the perfect card through custom mathematical logic and an easily navigable website.

With cards featuring low interest rates, vacation perks, bad-credit considerations, and more, Wallet Savvy has options for everyone!

From Ideation to Implementation

When Wallet Savvy came to Gilmedia with an innovative idea for a unique credit card database system, we knew we needed to create a custom website solution for them from scratch. Our experienced team of developers was able to create custom HTML code, a custom PHP system using a PHP framework, and a unique design for the site to support their ideas.

Advanced mathematical logic and coding was used to determine a credit card’s value based on its features, which could then be matched to users depending on their needs. For example, users who needed a card for frequent travel would be matched with one that had international support, or vacation perks.

A Full Suite of Experience

The Wallet Savvy team quickly discovered that Gilmedia is truly an all-in-one web development team, able to bring any site to the forefront of the internet in an efficient, effective, and beautiful way. No matter what your needs are, we can help!

  • Custom Systems
  • SEO-Optimizations
  • Top-Rated Web Design
  • Third-Party Application Support
  • Social Media Integration
  • Opportunities for Website Expansion
Platform Custom PHP & HTML
Website Type Informational
Number of Credit Cards 150+
Development Time 7 Weeks
Project Team 4 Members
Website Style Modern
Design Custom
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Why Choose Us?

With decades of combined experience, Gilmedia can bring your vision to life while incorporating foundational SEO principles, preparing your site for Google and the rest of the web.

Together, we can design you a unique, SEO-friendly and conversion-oriented website. Just like Wallet Savvy, you can have a custom site that meets all your needs and more, while propelling you to the top of Google and generating more leads! Learn more, and contact us today!

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