How To Prepare Content For Your Marketing Agency.

gilmedia how to prepare content for your marketing agency

Effectively preparing content for your marketing agency can be a daunting task, however, it is one of the most important things a business should consider for the success of their marketing campaigns. It’s crucial to produce content that stands out, evokes feelings of authenticity, and builds trust with your customers. By incorporating original photos and videos into your marketing activities, you can ensure that your audience sees the real product or service they can expect from you.

But how can you consistently create and prepare content for your marketing agency? Don’t worry, we are here to provide you with practical and helpful advice that will enable you to capture professional photos and videos every time!

Before, During, and After

When preparing content that showcases a completed project, remember to take pictures and videos throughout the project timeline. Capture assets before any work has begun, at each stage of the project, and once it’s completed. By visualizing the progress of potential clients, you showcase your expertise and demonstrate how your service can make a difference.

Creating content throughout the project also helps potential clients visualize their own projects. For instance, if you’re a renovation company showcasing the before, during, and after photos of a recent basement project, it can help future clients envision what they could achieve with your help. It’s also beneficial to take before, during, and after assets from the same viewpoint. By reducing the variations when you prepare content for your marketing agency, you allow your clients can focus solely on the project’s progress and appreciate the transformation.

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Angles, Angles, Angles

When collecting original content, remember what Generation Z has taught us… angles, angles, angles! It’s challenging to capture the full extent of completed work in a single photo. That’s why it’s important to prepare content for your marketing agency from different viewpoints. This allows potential clients to visualize the work as a whole and imagine how it relates to their own projects.

The same principle applies to videos, use a single video to capture multiple angles or opt for separate shorter videos. You can prepare content for your marketing agency that showcases both options, as it allows them to repurpose the content for various platforms like social media, websites, and video ads. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, video assets are increasingly favoured by social media algorithms. So, why not start practicing your videography skills now? This trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

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We Want Choices, But Not Too Many

Preparing content for your marketing agency that provides them with asset choices is a great idea. It allows them to repurpose the content for your marketing efforts. Take pictures and videos from different angles, at different times of the day, and throughout the project’s progress. However, there’s such a thing as too many assets. If you have the time, select your favourites before sending them over to your marketing agency. They’ll appreciate it since going through hundreds of photos and videos can be time-consuming. Remember, you’re paying for your agency’s time, so be practical and organize your assets beforehand. This way, your agency can focus on what they do best… marketing your brand and bringing in more customers.

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Clients Want To See You!

We understand that getting in front of the camera can be challenging. After all, you didn’t choose a modelling or acting career. However, adding a human touch when preparing your content for your marketing agency can work wonders for your brand. Potential clients want to see the people who will be completing the work they’re paying for. By putting yourself in front of the camera, you evoke feelings of trust, which can persuade customers to choose you over your competitors.

Creating “walk-through” videos can be a great way to showcase a recent project and provide more in-depth information about the parameters. It’s also an opportunity to add that human touch. In this type of video, you can:

  • Outline the project parameters
  • Discuss any problems encountered and how they were resolved
  • Introduce the team working on the project
  • Mention the project duration
  • Highlight the equipment used
  • Explain the warranty details
  • Share why people should choose your company

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Videos Are The Golden Ticket

While images remain valuable, videos are taking center stage across digital platforms, and this trend is here to stay. So, there’s no better time than the present to start honing your cinematography skills.

From a marketing perspective, videos are fabulous assets. They can effectively showcase the project’s extent and the team behind the scenes. Marketing statistics in 2023 reveal that including more videos can result in 66% more qualified leads per year and an 80% increase in conversion rates when a video is added to a landing page. This emphasizes the importance of integrating videos into your asset collection.

Here are a few tips for producing the best videos for your agency:

  • Keep videos between 10-30 seconds
  • Ensure good lighting by positioning the light source behind you when filming to illuminate your subject
  • Capture multiple angles (remember, your agency likes choices, but not too many)
  • Follow the rule of thirds for human-centred videos: place your subject in the left or right third of the frame, leaving the other two-thirds more open
  • Avoid background voices in project videos; your clients don’t want to hear unrelated conversations.

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When you prepare your content for your marketing agency, it is a great idea to focus on collecting original assets as they will do amazing things for your brand. They help your potential clients connect with the service they’re seeking and the people behind it. However, it’s important to collect the right assets for your marketing agency so they can effectively use them in your digital campaigns to generate more leads. With this helpful guide, we hope you feel empowered to go out there and confidently start preparing content for your marketing agency. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Your agency understands that you’re not the next Hollywood film director.

Just keep a few best practices in mind, and we fully believe you’ll gather some really great assets!

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